The Rarest of Birds


THE RAREST OF BIRDS: Reflections on the life and work of Montgomery Clift is a one-man show based on the complex and self-destructive life of brilliant screen actor. The show debuted Off-Off-Broadway at the Wings Theater to rave reviews. This is the first live theater production about Clift to be realized after several failed attempts to bring this actor’s legendary life story to the stage or screen by director, producer and playwright John Lisbon Wood.

Co-author and actor Omar Prince has been enthusiastically praised for his moving performance as the talented actor in tragic decline during one of Clift’s last film performances as psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. The show runs about 75 minutes without intermission. The set is comprised of a makeup table, a radio on a stand, a rug and a clothes rack. There are minimal light cues, props and no major costume changes. All characters, male and female, are either recorded and/or performed live by the actor portraying Clift.

The action takes place on Montgomery Clift’s birthday, October 17th, 1961, in a dressing room off of the Freud movie set at Geiselgasteig Studios, a former Nazi psychiatric concentration camp in Munich, Germany. Director John Huston has locked the drunken actor in his dressing room so he may work off his inebriation and finish the film. Clift ruminates about his life and career, revealing his drug and alcoholic addictions and his struggles with homosexuality.