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In 1987, the beginning of the Harmonic Convergence, as they called it, man began a five year period in which his consciousness was being raised.

If you remember back in 1987, it was a time when a lot of people were awakening. That’s when the New Age, as you call it, really started. All of a sudden there were books every where about all these New Age concepts. That was the preparation for this new cycle. At the same time, each cycle is governed by a ray of consciousness—that’s the dominant ray that produces a particular level of vibration. The last 2000 year cycle, the age of duality, was governed by the sixth ray of consciousness which is the ray that rules the celebration of the pairs of opposites. And so man evolved through the pairs of opposites and through the karmic wheel.

This new cycle’s predominant ray is the 7th ray of consciousness, which is the ray of spirit that transforms all physical structure that is in duality. So it destroys all forms that are in duality to reform them to a unified consciousness or a unified field. The 7th ray creates an entrainment process so that all consciousness in this cycle can raise its vibration to that higher level. And so, therefore, this new cycle creates an upheaval with everything that is in duality. And so you see duality everywhere around you in the world.

The Harmonic Convergence was a five year period that started in 1987 in which the consciousness of the earth was blocked from the development of the consciousness of humanity. So humanity was developing and raising its consciousness independent of the earth so that it (humanity’s consciousness) could not influence the movements of the earth. This gave humanity a chance to achieve a quantum catch up in consciousness because at that point in their choices, humanity was at a stage where they were in the process of destroying the planet.

“What each and every one of you begins to master for yourself, first and foremost, if you so choose you will pass it on to others, creating your own communities of equality harmony and balance, answering the unanswered questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? What is the meaning, value and purpose of life? What is energy? What is disease? How do we truly cure this? Where are we headed as a species, as a planet, as a solar system, as a galaxy, as a universe, as a multi-verse? All of this is your divine right to be explained and to know because you will be the master teachers in service to all of that.

All that you have learned in agreeing to be human on this planet and other planets is a preparation for being these master teachers of this world, solar system, galaxy, of this universe and beyond. That is the magnificence of who you truly are. There have been those upon your planet who have shielded you from you, have told you that you have to go outside yourself. Dear ones, all of which we speak is carefully stored within your DNA. We’re simply teaching you, guiding you, to access what already exists within yourselves.”

Excerpt from The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age Channeled by Robert Baker

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