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It Is Not About Me via Trance Channel Jeff Fasano  


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart and open to the grandness of self to move out into the world in the grandness of self. We come to you at this important time and ask you to take a look back.
We also ask you take out a pad and pen and at the top write down, “It is Not About Me” and then make a list of your intentions. If you have taken the oath to move into We Consciousness we ask you to look in the mirror. When the mirror faces you and you look into it might you see that what is reflected back may be where you may have made it all about you? Are you truly in We Consciousness? This a period of time where you could look at all the aspects of self that surfaced within you. If in fact you are moving into We Consciousness it is time to take a deeper look at what is being revealed to you in the mirror. Look dear ones at where you still may be making everything about you and may not know it because you are in a blind spot. At this time this is very important as you move into We Consciousness.
So We ask you to close your eyes and ask yourself, “Am I still making it about me?”
Then ask this: “When the mirror from my brethren and others reflects back to me, can I look at where I still might be making it about me? Am I open to receive this?”
If you are moving into your heart space and opening to receive love to refine and define yourself on your pathway to self-mastery this is a vital step in We Consciousness. If it is important for you to master the self, then when in We Consciousness, it is important to allow the mirror to reflect back to you what needs to be refined and defined. There is no judgement and shame with this dear ones. It may simply be a mere suggestion for you to look at where the narcissism of the me is still involved that is based upon your wounds and old defense patterns.
This refine-ment and define-ment process is to look at where you still may be in the narcissism of the me so you can see this and bring it to the fore. Have your feelings that come up within you when the mirror reflects back to you what you may not see in your blind spot.
All of this is based in the narcissism of the me and in your old wounds. Dear ones it is not “all about me”.
After you do this write down your intentions that is based on manifestation. What do you intend to manifest both personally and in your endeavors.
Your portals of energy will be opening to guide those who are committed in the idealistic theory of We Consciousness. Look at the idealistic concept of we consciousness. If you are walking the path of the light worker and way shower it is about embodying and being We Consciousness. This is why We suggested to look into the mirror to see if there is a blind spot where the narcissism of the me is still in effect where you make it all about you. There will be five specific multi-dimensional energies from fifth dimensional sources that will move in to guide and support those who made the choice and taken the oath to move into we consciousness.
What We are bringing you at this time is the first step in refining and defining to bring you to a greater awareness and consciousness of yourself as you begin to move into We Consciousness. You are therefore human and from time to time move into blind spots. When someone may simply bring to the fore your blind spot, how does this make you feel? Are you reacting? And based upon your conditioning may think you are being judged and shamed, doing it right or wrong, this way or that way, either/or? This process is a part of We
Consciousness. For those who intend to make others aware of their blind spot it is important to be aware as to how to communicate it so it can be received by another in their open heart with love. Since you are committed to move into We Consciousness it is important to be aware of this.
Most of our messages will now be geared toward We Consciousness. We have brought many teachings to you and most of them have been guiding you to self realization consciousness through exercises, lessons and messages. In many ways you have reached the capacity of these teachings. It is now about implementing these teachings, messages, lessons and exercises. So We will come to you with how you can begin to implement the teachings within yourself and giving them to the masses. We have just given you the first “How To” step to implement we consciousness by making your list and seeing if you still make it about you.
As these five multi-dimensional energies move into your earthly plain they will form a high vibrational energetic corridor that will support and guide you into We Consciousness. Fifth dimensional energies will more readily join and remain with you in the third dimension. Fifth dimensional beings are now moving into your third dimension, And based upon the individuals resonance and vibration, some will be able to see these beings and some will interact with them. This will happen at specific vortexes on your earthly plain and you might be called to a vortex to join with these beings. This is all based upon your resonance and vibration to connect with these beings and energies on your earthly plain. Some of you may see them in the physical form. Some may connect with them energetically in their heart space and with a knowingness that they are connected in the form of the third dimension. These energies will reside in the new form in your third dimension that is community, harmony and equality and we consciousness.
We have come to you with the We Consciousness Conversations and called them conversations because We included you. So We ask you:
Are you having conversations when you are giving your endeavors and your modalities?
Are you including others?
Are you still standing at the pulpit and telling everyone what you know?
This is based upon your wounds.
As We conclude at this time, We now let you know that specific multi-dimensional portals will be opening. It will be a combination of star realms including those of the Arcturian and Pleiadian star realms. A portal from the Inter-Galactic Federation will open that will guide, support and in many ways protect those who have chosen to open to the being-ness in their heart space to do this work. We use the word protection not as a defense mechanism for what you may think may be out there to circumvent your pathway.
No Dear Ones, this is a protection of love, peace and equality. It is an intention. Two additional portals will open. One from the Orion Star system that will contain various messages. The Arcturian portal will be a streamlined masculine energy. The Pleiadian portal will be a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. These energies will ground the entire portal. The Arcturian and Pleiadian portals will balance the male and female energies. The Inter-Galactic energy will move directly down the center. What will form will be a five pointed portal.
The Inter-Galactic energy will move down in the center to hold the portal in place. On the upper right will be the Pleiadian energy. The lower left will be the Arcturain energy. The upper left will be the Orion energy and the lower right will be the Lemurian energy. These energies will balance each other. It will be a five sided star where four sides will intersect through the middle where the Inter Galactic Federation energy will be. The four energies will combine in the middle and surround the individual moving on the pathway as the way shower and light worker. These energies will work in concert with each other thus forming a fifth dimensional We Consciousness.
So as We take out leave We ask you, “Is it still all about you?”
Jeff Fasano is a transformational messenger for the teachings from archangelic realms imparting their wisdom and guidance to the world At the age of forty he found his passion for photography that led him to live a life he only imagined and became the doorway to his life purpose. He channels the energy of Archangel Michael and imparts Michael’s teachings so we can discover who we are, why we are here and find our passion and purpose in this lifetime.

Four Essential Steps to Effective, ‘Feel Good’ Marketing


Over the past decade or so, it’s become clear to me that there are four steps most entrepreneurs need to go through to have their marketing feel good (to themselves and potential clients) and to be effective.

My goal in this letter is to help you understand a bit more about how I see marketing in an overall sense (for what it’s worth), see if I’m a fit to help you and help you to clarify your own understanding of marketing (much more important).

Step 1: Marketing 101

The first step is to get a basic understanding of marketing.

Most conscious entrepreneurs are a bit allergic to marketing. They don’t like it and what it stands for.

And, being real, they’d rather just do their work and have someone else handle the marketing for them.

To make matters worse, they’re usually too close to their own business to see their situation clearly.

But worst of all, they have no idea how to market their business in a way that gets them more of the kinds of clients they want, without spending a fortune to do it (or selling their soul). This results in so much confusion and frustration.

So, step one is just about getting a basic education and context of how marketing can be done in a new way.

If you check out my blog, you’ll see that there are around 500 posts on this site but I wanted to sit down and write you a letter to ensure that you were directed to what I feel are the dozen or so most foundational, important and essential things you could learn that could make the biggest difference in your marketing.

But where to start in learning a new way of marketing?

At the heart of it, I’m a believer in the idea of slow marketing.

We live, increasingly, in a fast-food world. Everything has become rushed, instant and lightning quick. And that’s affected our expectations. We think marketing should give us instant results too. We want to be able to press a few buttons and immediately have more clients. And it’s hardly our fault, it’s what we’re being promised constantly: instant results, a flood of clients, six figures quickly.

And, while I also know and teach some ‘fast marketing‘ ideas, those are only the tip of the marketing iceberg. I believe that the vast majority of our marketing must be slow. Because that’s how life ultimately works. Marketing tends to be seen as the conquest of ‘space’ – dominating more and more geographic area, owning more niches, growing our business wider and wider. But marketing must also happen over time. And go deep. As Gandhi said, ‘there is more to life than simply increasing its speed.’ I believe that slow marketing is, ultimately, more human, longer lasting, more effective and more profitable.

I think that part of what screws marketing up is the secret agenda to ‘get the sale’.

In fact, any secret agendas can screw us up.

I think the best marketing is totally upfront and transparent.

Once you get all of that, I think that there are three foundational areas that you need to focus on in your marketing: you platform, your paths and your container.

Step Two: Identifying Your Niche

Once you have a basic grasp of the heart of how marketing can work and be different, you need to make some choices about who you are trying to reach (even though it’s tempting to want to try and reach everyone).

And this takes us to the primary question of identifying your niche.

I believe that the only agenda that works the desire to know the truth of whether or not what you’re offering is a genuine fit for the potential client.

If your agenda is to ‘get the sale’ you will push them. If the agenda is for them to ‘like you’ then you will collapse. If your agenda is for them to ‘respect and value you’ then you will posture. If your agenda is only to see if there’s a real fit between you two then you will be composed.

But all of that lifts up the questions, ‘Do you really know who would be a perfect fit for you as a client?’

Have you put as much thought into identifying your niche as you need to? Thinking about this matters. There are some free videos you can watch on this topic and a lot of blog posts you can read.

Over the years, I’ve found that our deepest wounds and struggles are often a doorway into our most truest niches. And that there’s a single question you can ask yourself that seems to help people find it faster than anything I know. I think that niching can heal you.

Step 3: Clarifying Your Platform

The confused mind says ‘no’.

In marketing, the most important goal is clarity.

If people aren’t clear what you do or who you help or what you’re about, they just won’t hire you.

Clarity is power in marketing and most entrepreneurs I meet are only 10% as clear as they could be.

And the most important thing to get clear about is what you want to be known for.

Your platform is what you’re known for. It’s the DNA of your business. It’s the blueprints you build everything from. And it’s the heart of whether your business comes across clearly and authentically to others. The challenge with most people’s platforms is that they are flat, uninspiring, confusing and occasionally feel really gross. They’re often one dimensional. You want your platform to be crystal clear but with some depth. There are six elements of a strong platform (plus a new thought I’ve been having about identifying your message) and most entrepreneurs only ever focus on one (almost always the same one). I believe that one of the most useful exercises you can do is to sum up your platform in a single page.

At the heart of marketing, you’re offering people a journey from Island A (where they don’t want to be) to Island B (where they’re craving to be). Sometimes you’re also offering them Island C (a new, brighter possibility they might have never considered). And sometimes you’ll need to be aware of their Island Z (the fears that keep them from even looking at their issue). Your business is like the boat that takes them from one island to the other. But the reason they want to get on your boat has a lot to do with your map and the route you plan from one island to the other – your point of view. And what will inspire them to work with you is when they get the deeper cause and bigger vision that your business is about that they share.

That’s the heart of it: ‘I can take you on this journey from one island to another’. If they trust that you can do that better than anyone else, they will hire you and buy from you.

But all most entrepreneurs do is talk about how fancy their boat is and try to push everyone to get on board.

When your platform is clear, the rest of marketing becomes so incredibly easy for you.

But, when it’s fuzzy, expect to struggle.

But as this gets clearer, you’re ready for the final step . . .

Step 4: Becoming a Hub

It’s one thing to know what you’d like to be known for and it’s another thing to actually be known for those things.

There’s the old saying that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

But, I’d take it a step further: it’s who knows what you know.

The idea of becoming a hub is to become like the hub of a wheel – where all the spolks connect. You become the center of a certain community, the trusted advisor or got to person.

That’s the idea.

The goal is to make it really easy to find you and safe to approach you.  Most businesses actually make it very hard to be found and hard for people to spread the word. You want to make it almost impossible to miss you.

Your paths are the ways people find you (e.g. social media, ads, PR, networking, speaking, writing etc.).

And the clearest way I know to use paths effectively so that your ideal clients can find you is to identify your hubs. There are some videos you can watch on this too. Using hubs in your marketing is what I call warm marketing. Trying to convince total strangers to pay you money is what I call cold marketing. And cold marketing doesn’t work very well. Warm marketing, the strategic use of hubs, works very well.

Word of mouth will always be the most powerful force in marketing and so focusing your efforts on delighting your existing clients is, hands down, the best long term strategy (watch some videos here). But some people are much more connected and respected than others. Clearly a raving endorsement from a client of yours who no one really knows or likes will not have as much impact as someone like Oprah Winfrey endorsing you. Oprah is a powerful hub. But, in your city, industry and niche there are hubs too. You can do ‘cold’ marketing all day long (e.g. cold calls, direct mail, bill boards etc.) but it won’t be a fraction as effective as what I call ‘warm’ marketing where you are introduced to your ideal clients by others (hubs).

There are seven general types of hubs – how many of them have you identified? And have you created a database of them? I can’t think of anything more useful.

And of course there’s a level even beyond warm marketing – where you become a hub.

Being a hub is like being a host. You’re inviting people into you space. Which means we need to talk about something I call, your container. Most entrepreneurs overlook this. Once people find you . . . then what? You must make it safe for people to approach you and want to engage with you. You must make it really easy for them to get to know you at their own pace. This often means giving them some free samples of your work like the pink spoons you might find at an ice cream shop. But, like the ice cream shop, you can’t only give out pink spoons. You need to sell ice cream in single, double and triple scoops. You need to sell buckets and ice cream cakes. A yoga studio needs free classes to attract students but also drop ins, monthly passes, weekend retreats and teacher trainings. On your website, it’s vital to have some ‘free gifts‘ that you can offer people so they can get to know you without having to opt in to anything.

The container is about your business being safe to approach but also sustainable for you. If the paths are like water faucets and water is more clients and money then your container is like a bucket, and most entrepreneurs have a very unattractive and leaky bucket.

For most entrepreneurs there are ten fundamental elements of their container I’d advise them to work on pulling together.

You need all three: platform, paths and a container.


There’s a lot to think about in marketing.

It can take some time. Most people over estimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can do in a decade.

Here’s to a form of marketing that speaks to our virtues not our vices, and that uplifts us into living more full and whole lives.

I wish you well in your journey. I hope that you are found by the perfect people, at the perfect time and in the most perfect ways.



SAINT GERMAIN: Karma Releasing



Daily Angel Oracle Card: Saint Germain, from the Keepers Of The Light Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

Saint Germain: “Karma Releasing”

“Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy.”

About Saint Germain: “Saint Germain was born in France in the 18th century and is said to have been given a new identity because he was the love child of two very powerful people. He was well educated and able to rub shoulders with royalty. He was also deeply interested in magic, alchemy and the cosmos and able to perform real-life miracles and turn lead into gold. Now he helps us move beyond social limitations to connect with the right people for the highest good. He is still a master alchemist and able to help us turn whatever is leaden in our life into something that is golden. His twin flame is Lady Portia, and he is the keeper of the violet flame, the powerful etheric retreat where we can release karma.

Extended Message From Saint Germain: “Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect. We experience many levels of karma. Some we inherit from our family and some from the people we keep helping out of the problems they keep creating. Saint Germain is here now to clear your energy so that you no longer have the weight of the world, or your loved ones, on your shoulders. Be aware that an old pattern is leaving your life and creating space for something more loving to enter. Visualize yourself surrounded by a fiery violet cloak to release all the karma you no longer need.”*

~ By Kyle Gray

We get stuck in old programming, just like a computer that hasn’t been updated or upgraded. Some of these old programs are cultural, passed along to us over the generations through family belief systems; some are societal, passed on to us as we grow up and attend schools and interact with others in our community. Some are belief systems that we adapt due to trauma, pain or hurt that we have experienced during this lifetime; things that we hold on to that we think will protect us in the future from similar events and feelings.

It’s time to let all that old programming go. It’s all outdated, completely obsolete. By holding on to it, we are staying stuck, we can’t see beyond it in to the endless possibility on offer. When we realize that we have been stuck, stagnant (think that little wheel turning and turning on your computer when it is taking forever to load… or when you go to update and realize that your whole system needs to be upgraded in order to do so!)

So how do we release this stuff? We change our reality, one thought at a time. We make new and different choices. We refuse to repeat patterns. We open ourselves up to something new; open hearts and open minds. A new person, a new experience, a new perspective. We get out of our comfort zone. We make our own decisions instead of relying on others. We decide, right now, that things are about to change, big time. And then we follow through with that intention.

One choice, one decision, one reaction at a time. Until everything around us changes with us. And things are no longer the same.



~Archangel Oracle

*Keepers Of The Light Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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Divine Harmony by Sandra Walter


 Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

These ever-increasing levels of light are truly Divine. The waves of Divine harmony are such a very natural, peaceful energy. It is easy to dissolve right into them now; an indication of our vibrational match. Geometric patterns and frequencies within your energy fields match or *catch* the incoming light rays, and your consciousness expands with their pure presence. Amazing.

Alignment with the vibration of Divine Self, and the ability to hold that vibration in your energy fields attracts more, more, more. Those of you who are initiated and prepared for embodiment have unique patterns of the Cosmic Christ within your energy fields. It has become part of you, integrated, and now you are experiencing the reorganization of your consciousness to complement the Divine choice and Divine service at this level.

More on the Cosmic Template

Many of the stages and symbols of how-to-tell if you are embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ template/I AM template were shared last week in a conversation with Lauren Galey. Listen to the video version if you are interested in that material. Half of my notes didn’t make it into the broadcast, however we did well in the allotted timeframe.

This powerful energy coming in right now, the force of Source, feels comforting and expansive, blissful and strong, ecstatic and still all at once. This is why we did so much work on clearing out the lower levels of Self. When the Higher Self – which is also merging with higher beingness (as above so below) – takes command of the journey, what is complementary to the Higher true Self will be rewritten to align with the sacred patterns of the Christ consciousness, and that which does not complement the higher state of consciousness dissolves. This is a natural part of this kind of Ascension process, and you have experienced this to a limited degree. As the Team said last year, You haven’t seen anything yet. Now we understand what that was about. Things are getting very different, very quickly on the Path.

The final Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway is in motion. You are capable of moving into an accelerated phase which unifies you with all layers of the I AM Templates, set in place for this phase of Ascension, and fully activated for use upon Gaia. The more Light Servers engaging with them, in a path of harmony, balance and Divine Love, the faster the Shift in external systems will unfold for all. There are (not surprisingly) many anxieties being used to distract the collective; remember your higher service, beloveds.

While there are opportunities beyond the cosmic oversoul of the Divine Human, the focus for this particular passage of global Ascension is embodiment. This is why you are experiencing radical new sensations in your consciousness, skills, and awareness right now. Higher wisdom flows, inner knowing is ignited, and the great cosmic merge is on.

Initiates and Transcendence

The classical steps of the initiate are a path of engaging with cosmic templates. This spiritual path has been anchored by thousands. Anchoring means active, conscious, lucid awareness of the energies, the journey and its purpose. As mentioned in the discussion last week on Mystery School parallels, these cosmic templates need to be lived out in people’s lifestreams in order to serve the Galactic purpose of this experiment of separation and reunification with Source. The Divine qualities of the Human genome are now ready to be revealed on a very large scale.

In addition to the Mystery School parallels shared last week regarding the final stages of Ascension/Resurrection, it may be good to note the levels of initiation in classic study. Some of you will find the reflection in your own lifestreams, or the lives of those walking the path with you. For those unfamiliar with these principles, it may assist in understanding what is about to be accomplished. I find them akin to Way Shower and Gatekeeper roles.

In (very) brief summation, the traditional stages of an Initiate’s path are:

1. Entering into a deep state of self-examination and observation

2. Spiritual study and passionate engagement with a spiritual path

3. Service work: Getting out and respectfully, humbly sharing with the collective what you learn

4. Heart center illumination, higher sense evolution

5. Become a representative of the collective

6. Sun God: Connect to the forces of the SUN as a conduit, receiving knowledge from/through the SUN, as a fractal representation of the Source consciousness represented in the Solar light, the Christened state

7. Source unification: Connecting with all of creation, merging with pure Source Light beingness

Again these are steps anchored over thousands of years, with different terms and belief systems in many schools of spiritual study, which we utilize as stepping stones to full Self-realization. Our modern-day Ascension may feel different from our attempts at embodiment in the past, because we have so many factors involved at a Galactic level. We were practicing, training for the Shift all this time. Setting our acquired wisdom into texts, teachings, and the collective mind – in order to arrive here at the Shift, engage with the intel and ultimately transcend it.

Many of the classical phases may feel familiar – or quite direct for Masters – and you may recognize the memory of your past journeys welling up to the surface. (Litmus test: Tears of gratitude are a clear sign of revelation). Cellular memory activates codes within your blood and bones during this phase of Ascension. It is best to observe the memories and not cling to them as they come up. They are holographic imprints to assist the Higher Self in stepping forth, unifying all of the journeys here in order to transform them. As always, this is on behalf of the collective project of Ascension.

Solar Cosmic Christ templates are Universal, however the individual expression is unique. This may be challenging through the Equinox when various levels of consciousness upgrades are taken into the physical form. Regardless of external judgment or perceptions, we embody the True Self. There is tremendous support available for this transformation.

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What Is True For You? – Neale Donald Walsch


My dear Friends,

“God says, ‘You may not have what you want’.”

When I first encountered those words in Conversations with God-Book 1, I remember thinking, “Wait a minute! That’s exactly the opposite of what all religions teach. Religions teach that even before you ask, you will be answered. They teach that God is ready, willing, and able to fulfill all of our desires, if we will but ask. And they teach that if God does not grant us our wishes and answer our prayers, it is because of some higher good or reason, and that we must have faith in God to know what that is.”

“These are the things that religions teach, and now here comes CwG saying “you may not have what you want.”

Can this be true?

Yes. And it is.

As CwG explains, “wanting” something is an admission that it is not now there. And this admission is what makes that true for us. For Life is exactly what we say it is. It is exactly what we think it is. It is exactly how we act that it is. Our thoughts, words and actions not only describe life, but create it.

If we are saying, “I want more money,” for instance, we are actually making a declaration to the Universe. This is an announcement of what is true for you.

Think of it this way: imagine that the word “I” is the magic word that let’s the genie out of the bottle. Whatever you say after the word “I” is an announcement. It is a declaration. It is you, saying what is true for you. And in God’s Universe, your word is law.

So if you think that you want more money, that is the result you will produce. You will want more money.

If you say “I want more money in my life,” the Universe will merely echo, “Yes.” The Universe will merely declare, “because you have said it, so be it.”

That is what the Universe declares after everything you say. If you say, “I’m sick and tired of this or that,” the Universe will say, “That’s true. And so it will be.”

If you say, “I want more sex and more companionship in my life!” the Universe will declare, “That is true. You DO!” The Universe never disagrees with you!

That is why to “want” something is to push it away from you.

The point here is that I have discovered that the Universe takes me literally. In fact, the Universe has no other way to get its clues as to what to create in my reality except from the things I think, say, and do. What other way is there?

God is not the creator of our reality, God is the observer. And God provides the tools with which we are given the power to create our own reality. These tools are three: thought, word, and deed.

In my own life, I have experienced these words to be true. They are not just some fancy metaphysical talking points that are my truth. Oh, and by the way, because I say that they work, they do work. This is what I call Divine Logic. It circles in on itself.

Everything is a circle, everything is a Closed System, and logic is not an exception. In fact, logic is the ultimate closed system.

In my own life, I have given up “wanting” things. I can have “desires,” but I have no “wants.”

What is the difference, you ask?

You can always tell the difference between a desire and a want by the degree to which you become upset if it is not fulfilled. A desire is a preference. A want is often experienced as something larger than that. Perhaps it is even seen as a necessity.

In truth, I have found that there are very few—actually, remarkably few—necessities (that is, things I cannot do without) in life. I can do without almost anything and be happy. And not just a little bit happy, a lot happy.

I have experienced that Communion with God is right when it says that it is an illusion that Need Exists.

I have learned to change my wants to preferences. A book that has helped me a lot in this regard is a wonderful volume written over 25 years ago by Ken Keyes, Jr. called The Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

It can be found in most libraries and in many used bookstores. I highly recommend it.

With Love, Neale Donald Walsch

© 2016 ReCreation Foundation – – Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.