Your soul has always known the way home…

Your soul has been the overseer of your life experiences from the start; before your first breath so many moons ago. It has divinely planned each occurrence, each triumph, and each setback, your moments of bliss, and your moments of perceived pain. You may ask, “why does my soul want to see me suffer?”

Dear sweet one, if it was not for these moments of pain, hurt, or anger, we wouldn’t understand true, unconditional love, or be able to reach the most authentic version of ourself. These instances are merely stepping stones in the pursuit to discovering your true self. You are a spiritual being that has been made for, by, and through pure unequivocal, unconditional love.

Our higher self, and/or other members of our soul family, who come to us camouflaged, by pain, are just as important as those whom we love and look to for support and guidance. They are NOT charged with the responsibility of sustaining you, or embracing you, per se, but with delivering a lesson. They come to challenge you… they are here to help you evolve in the multidimensional splendor you were designed to be. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what unconditional love truly is.

At the time, such moments that resonate as regret (only deciphered as such by the ego) are merely the Souls attempt at teaching us pure unconditional love; one that can only be achieved through a multitude of “life lessons”. The more we can redirect our low vibrational responses of these painful encounters into healing and acceptance, the more we will cultivate a self mastery that will assist us in our spiritual development; ultimately our ascension process.

Hence, why it’s so important to connect to your higher self. We are all given the gift of psychic sight – everyone. We just got to connect. You must unlearn to learn! You must deactivate in order to activate. Each of those genetic strands will soon open up and act like a spiraling staircase toward home – ascension bound.

It’s important to understand “ascension” isn’t just a single act, it doesn’t operate like a switch. Rather, its an ongoing pursuit to achieving your full spiritual potential, becoming the master of your destiny, and the architect of your dreams. For the only responsibility we have in this lifetime, in any lifetime for that matter, is in fact, and without question – our destiny! It goes without saying, the only true investment that keeps paying out a dividend lifetime after lifetime, is undoubtedly the investment we make in ourselves, in our spirituality. Nothing else will transcend past that of the akashic records, and nothing will leave with us, except the love we gain and grow in this very moment, and the knowledge we inherit along our journey.

Here’s something I have always held onto, that has comforted me in the most trying, and arduous times in my existence…

Remember, The hardest decision we have ever made, and will ever have to make in this lifetime… Is to have been born now, in this very moment, this very lifetime, as a human being, on this planet we call earth. We knew how hard it was going to be – yet we still decided to make the soul contract to come here! That means whatever it is we are facing, we cannot become fatalists.

Nothing can defeat us! We have the ability to persevere through all hardships, trials and tribulations! Despite such intense pain we will be triumphant! For we are all stronger than we seem, and braver than we believe. If you able to transmute regret into life lessons through the ability to forgive, you can undoubtedly make it through any adversity and hardship. If you don’t already know, each of us here, all of mankind, are cosmic warriors. Our mission is to not find LOVE, but rather live in the truth that we are LOVE. Remember, LOVE must start from within oneself, before it can be given to all else.

– Jayson T. Yuchá

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