Performer, Storyteller, Teller of Truth

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New York Theatre

Albert, The Children’s Musical/Various Schools and Libraries
Reading Between The Lies Arthur Binkman FringeNYC/SoHo Playhouse
The Rarest of Birds Montgomery Clift Wings/Cherry Lane Theatre
Cell-Shocked!!! Drag Queen Theatre for the New City
Dorian Gray Adrian Singleton Theatre at St. Clement’s
Sauce for the Goose Pontagnac Sargent Theatre
The Seagull Trigorin Sargent Theatre
Macbeth Malcolm Sargent Theatre
The Shadow Box Brian Beckmann Theatre
Iraq Jason Chernuchin Theatre
A Doll’s House Torvald Creative Place Theatre
Dulcy Mr. Leach Creative Place Theatre
The Bald Soprano Mr. Martin Creative Place Theatre
Mrs. Warren’s Profession Praed Creative Place Theatre
Orpheus Descending Val Creative Place Theatre
Beyond Therapy Bruce Creative Place Theatre
Our Country’s Good Ketch Mary MacArthur Theatre
Biloxi Blues Eugene Mary MacArthur Theatre
Incident at the Combat Zone Edwin Reeves Village Gate Theatre
Sr. Mary Ignatius Explains… Gary John Houseman II
Three Plays and a Bed Him/Brian Riant Theatre
The Seductive Countess Mr. Bobinet Harold Clurman Theatre

Regional Theatre

Sad Hotel Frank Merlo White Barn, Westport, CT
Lady in the Dark Ben Butler T & C Playhouse, Salem, NH
1940s Radio Hour Wally Fergusson T & C Playhouse, Salem, NH
Elephant Man Pinhead Manager T & C Playhouse, Salem, NH
Fiddler on the Roof Mendel Park Theatre, Union City, NJ

Film & Television

The Hoax Body Double/Security Guard Lasse Hallström
Purple Violets Jogger/Restaurant Patron Ed Burns
Multiple Sarcasms Theatre Patron Brooks Branch
Daniel Supporting Sidney Lumet
Law and Order: CI Supporting Various


American Academy of Dramatic Arts Graduate

Special Skills

Spanish: Fluent, Accents, Character Voices, Dancing: Disco, Salsa, Athletic, Singing, Creative Writing